Here Are the Top 3 Places to Find Meeting Rooms in New York City

New York is one of the most attractive cities in the world. The city has a lot of items and house designs that are eye-catching to everyone visiting here.  Also, New York has world-class venues coupled with convenient transport facilities. However, while all these facilities make the city a good place for holding your meetings and events, they might be a cost.

How? The facilities may be a distraction and affect the productivity of your meetings.

As such, you may not attend efficiently to your meeting agendas.  Importantly, the meeting space constraints may deter the members’ participation.  To get the best out of your meetings you need adequate space that accommodates each participant. Here are the top three places you can find meeting rooms in New York:

Paramount Hotel

Are you seeking a place to hold a meeting with a group of about 200 people? If yes, Paramount Hotel is the place for you.  This four-star hotel is located in the Theater district. Notably, the hotel offers you spacious meeting rooms and guest rooms that are convenient for holding various types of business and group meetings.

Some of the meeting spaces available here are Paramount space – this room is convenient for brainstorming and idea generation meetings.  Think Tank – this meeting room accommodates 40 people and has basic meeting items such as notepads and pens. It has 6 conference tables, and it is the leading meeting space in the hotel. Other rooms for holding meetings include brain trust and inner circle.

Bowery hotel

If you are looking to hold your meeting at a New York 5-star hotel, Bowery hotel should be your choice.  The hotel offers a convenient meeting place for creative persons. Thus, it is suitable for company directors and executives seeking a space to develop new ideas or draw up the organizational strategic plan. Also, the meeting spaces have a capacity of holding up to 600 guests. As such, it is suitable for organizational workshops and conferences.

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel provides meeting spaces for both large and small groups. Whether you want to hold a group meeting of 20 people or a large one of more than one thousand, this hotel has your space. What is exceptional about Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel is their standing out meeting and catering facilitation services. The hotel helps you to get out the best from your meetings by helping you in the planning phase.


Now you know where you can get a convenient meeting room for your organization in the New York City.

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