How to Book a Meeting Room in London: Essential Things Everyone Should Know

Interested in booking a meeting room in London? Here are a few essential things you should know before booking a conference room!

Conference or meeting rooms are a precious if not a luxury commodity in a busy corporate environment. These rooms are where the work magic happens and as it turns out, every team has its Monday morning meetings. You probably find yourself in situations where you forget to book a meeting room and you and your team are going from one room to another trying to squeeze in. This must stop as this is not how a successful entrepreneur or manager should do. You need to minimize meeting room confusion and learn once and for all how to book a meeting room in London.

The first thing you should do is understand the problem. When looking to book a meeting room in London or improve the process of booking a conference room at your company, here is what you should ask yourself – What is the problem? Random people stealing rooms that aren’t booked? What does each room need for your team to increase productivity? Does every one of you know which room is which? Are the meeting rooms organized in a logical way?

Ask yourself these questions and analyze the answers as it will help you find a proper solution. When it comes to booking, there are a few things that will result in some quick wins. For instance, we highly advise you to name every conference room, we also advise you to connect your conference room to your calendars, you need to keep the technology consistent, open your workspaces, and create mixed-used and fluid spaces.

It is really important to pick the right scheduling tool as it will help you make the process of booking a meeting room in London a seamless experience. For example, if your team is using Google Apps at work, Google Calendar is without a doubt the best tool for you to use. You can easily create a calendar for each meeting room and customize each calendar to auto-accept invitations.

There are different tools and you should spend some time analyzing what core functionalities matter your business the most.

Once you will learn the process of booking a meeting room and choose tools that fit best, make sure to build it into your corporate culture. It is the team’s job to respect one another.

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